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Making light work of turning a motorcycle

Perfect for restricted spaces

Available in two sizes - 350mm and 450mm

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Movetech UK Motorcycle Mat Turntable

Movetech UK's MAT makes light work of turning motorbikes. Welcome to the MAT website, designed to allow the Movetech UK's bike turner, the MAT to be ordered on line.

Our motorcycle MAT turntable is popular throughout the bike world for its ability to eliminate multi-point turns and difficult bike manoeuvres in the garage or driveway. Also sold through leading motorcycle accessory catalogues, the turntable is available in two diameters; it is light in weight, portable and simple to operate.

Suitable for bikes with centre stands, the bike turners are also economically priced to provide motorcycle owners with the perfect solution when turning in a narrow, confined space.

Movetech UK has been supplying movement solutions to a vast range of industries in over 120 countries around the world since 1959, and has a wealth of experience in designing standard and custom-built products to solve various vehicle handling problems. We hope you find this website useful in locating a solution to your particular access or manoeuvring difficulties.

Our main website at www.movetechuk.com details our full product range, showing movement solutions for display, commercial and industrial applications, and will give you a flavour of the wide range of projects we've been involved with since the company's inception.

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