Motorcycle MAT turntable

Say goodbye to those ten point turns

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The Movetech UK motorcycle MAT turntable, a helpful device that makes manoeuvring a motorcycle quicker and easier, particularly when space and time is limited.

The motorcycle MAT turntable is a strong seller across Movetech UK’s range of domestic products, largely because of its simple but well-engineered double disc construction that makes it easy to use. Plus with an overall weight of just 2kg (3kg for the 450mm) means it is also extremely portable.

Designed for bikes up to 300kg in weight and fitted with a centre stand; the motorcycle MAT turntable requires very little effort to operate. By dropping the stand down onto the MAT, the bike can be balanced with both wheels off the ground, allowing it to be rotated gently.

Lightweight and Low profile

As the motorcycle MAT's profile is only 12mm, standing the bike on this ingenious device takes little more energy than parking the bike on the road. An added benefit of the MAT is that it is made by the UK's leading manufacturer of display and industrial turntables, whose successful 54 years of production has earned them an excellent reputation for quality and product integrity.

The MAT is also a great accessory for all motorcycle show rooms alike, with so many models to display but so little space to put them, space can often be quite tight. But with a Movetech UK MAT turntable, manoeuvring the bikes can be made trouble-free in just a few simple steps.

Details and Specifications

MAT 350 motorcylce Turntable
350mm/13.7" diameter x 16mm/0.6" thick.
Capacity - up to 300kg motorcycle.
Price: £80.39 including VAT and delivery to a UK mainland address

MAT 450 motorcylce Turntable
450mm/17.7" diameter x 16mm/0.6" thick
Capacity - up to 300kg motorcycle.
Price: £115.19 including VAT and delivery to a UK mainland address

Deliveries to overseas and other locations can be quoted for upon request.

Datasheet and FAQ's

Click here to download the motorcycle MAT turntable PDF data sheet. Alternatively you can visit our downloads page for more documents such as data sheets and instructions. Additionally, take a look at our faq's page for answers to all our frequently asked questions regarding the motorcycle MAT turntable.

How to Buy?

The motorcycle MAT is exceptionally good value and can be purchased via telephoning Movetech UK’s sales team on +44 (0)1204 525626, or by visiting the MAT online shop.

Not got a centre stand?

Unfortunately if your motorcycle doesn't have a centre stand then you will be unable to use a motorcycle MAT turntable. We do supply a range of alternative vehicle parking solutions, visit for details.