Introducing the Motorcycle MAT Turntable by Movetech UK

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Our motorcycle MAT turntable is popular throughout the bike world for its ability to eliminate multi-point turns and difficult bike manoeuvres in your garage, driveway or shed.

Also sold through leading motorcycle accessory catalogues, the turntable is available in two diameters (350mm and 450mm); it is light in weight, portable and simple to operate. Suitable for bikes with centre stands, the bike turners are also economically priced to provide motorcycle owners with the perfect solution when turning in a narrow, confined space.

For most motorcycles with a centre stand, if the width of your centre stand is less than 340mm (34cm) – then the MAT350 is the most suitable product. If your centre stand is larger than 340mm (34cm) wide, then please contact us. You can also purchase direct from our online shop and either opt for delivery or collection (from our Bolton office).